4-H Horse Forms


17 TT Entry Form

17 Stephenville roping school letter

17 Stephenville Roping School Rules For Participants

17 Stephenville Roping School Youth Participant Application

17 Stephenville Roping School Code Of Conduct

17 Stephenville Roping School Medical Release

17 Stephenville Roping School Adult-Participant Application


2 Responses to 4-H Horse Forms

  1. April says:

    My 9 year old daughter wants to join 4H. Not sure where to go.

  2. Hello April,
    We are glad you and your daughter are interested in 4-H! I suggest you review the 4-H Newsletter under the 4-H Youth tab. I will give you lots of information on what is going on in 4-H. Also, the last page of the newsletter has contact information for all of the different Clubs and their Leaders. You will need to enroll in 4-H through “4H Connect”. There is a short cut to 4H Connect on our website as well. If you need help registering on 4H Connect, give us a call at 806-468-5543 and ask for either Andrew or Sue.

    Shannon Walsh

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