4-H Horse Forms

18 Jo Baker fillable Application

1804 Horse Validation Instructions Families


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  1. April says:

    My 9 year old daughter wants to join 4H. Not sure where to go.

  2. Hello April,
    We are glad you and your daughter are interested in 4-H! I suggest you review the 4-H Newsletter under the 4-H Youth tab. I will give you lots of information on what is going on in 4-H. Also, the last page of the newsletter has contact information for all of the different Clubs and their Leaders. You will need to enroll in 4-H through “4H Connect”. There is a short cut to 4H Connect on our website as well. If you need help registering on 4H Connect, give us a call at 806-468-5543 and ask for either Andrew or Sue.

    Shannon Walsh

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