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JD Ragland; Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent

Dr. JD Ragland; Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent

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  1. Jonathan Conwell says:

    I was thinking about raising some turkey , and have seen a lot of stuff on the internet about blackhead , and some say that you could tell me if it is a problem in our area . I am raising chickens and ducks at this time , and also heard that I would have to get rid of all of my chicken if I was to get turkeys . Hope that’s not the case. Let me know what you think .

  2. Hello Jonathan,
    We are not familiar with the term blackhead concerning turkey. You would not need to get rid of the chicken if you get turkey. However, you would need to keep them separated for different feed and such.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Jonathan Conwell says:

    Thank you very much , that dose help me .

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