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JD Ragland; Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent

Dr. JD Ragland; Agriculture and Natural Resources Agent

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  1. Gillian Law says:

    I have a dog in Canyon Tx. I live in a rental garage apt and my dog has become covered in ticks in the past week. She is on an oral medication, what else can I do?

  2. Hello Gillian,
    Sorry to hear your dog has ticks. There are several over the counter medications to help deter ticks with varying success. I would suggest you visit your veterinarian as they can prescribe stronger medications that I have found to pretty much eliminate the ticks. Also, if you can keep the grass and weeds cut short in the yard it will help keep the tick population down. There are also granular chemicals that kill insects in your yard. You can purchase the granular chemicals at Walmart, Home Improvement stores or local garden shops.

    Hope this helps!

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